Strong Legal Representation For Felonies And Misdemeanors

Criminal defense does not always involve hardened, career criminals; a typical first-time offender really doesn't exist. Seemingly anyone, regardless of his or her background, age, race or income level, can be arrested and charged with DUI, shoplifting, domestic violence and other crimes.

Regardless of the crime they allegedly committed, first-time offenders are unsure as to how they should proceed. They want their problems to go away and feel that pleading guilty is the best route to that goal.

Not true.

Speaking to police officers and prosecutors only compromises your rights. An immediate guilty plea ignores the complexity of your criminal case. You need seasoned representation from a dedicated attorney who will fight for the best outcome, even if that pursuit involves a trial.

Compassionate and Skilled Representation for First and Multi-Time Offenders

As a public defender and former assistant district attorney, I have faced off against criminal defense attorneys throughout Georgia. Transitioning to my private practice, I brought that experience and point of view to help those clients who face felony and misdemeanor crimes involving drunk driving, drug-related offenses and violent crimes.

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