Experienced Legal Representation for Drug Possession Charges

When it comes to drug charges, there are very technical defenses that need to be explored. The defenses and options of what can be done depend on numerous factors. It can depend on the type of drug that is in question, whether it be marijuana, cocaine or prescription medications. While marijuana laws have changed significantly in many states unfortunately, Georgia is not one of them. Marijuana, in any form, whether for medical use or not, is currently illegal in Georgia.

Drug Possession, Possession of Marijuana and other Drug-Related Offenses

Whether it is an illegal traffic stop, illegal search or defective search warrant, I know the law and will explore any and every defense available. If necessary, the Patel Law Firm can also help you minimize the repercussions of a conviction. Let us explore if there are ways to keep this off of your record.

In this day and age and with a war on drugs, the State has several options to come after you. It could be simple possession charges, possession with intent, sale of a drug, drugs not in original container, or the most severe drug-related charge, which is trafficking. Often times the State will tack on additional related charges, such as "the use of a phone during the crime" or "possession of a firearm during commission of a felony". Adding these charges isn't always fair or necessary; however, you can find yourself facing multiple charges stemming from a single incident. Let me help you find ways to minimize the consequences and explore any and all defenses available.

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