The Patel Law Firm

The Patel Law Firm is devoted to one-on-one representation for all clients. I craft personalized and innovative strategies whether I am handling a traffic violation or drunk driving case, minimizing the consequences of felony drug charges or representing clients in high-profile homicide cases.

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

I am experienced to handle both felony and misdemeanor cases. I offer compassionate and skilled representation for first and multi-time offenders. Whether you've been charged with domestic violence, shoplifting or other crimes, you need seasoned representation from a dedicated attorney who will fight for the best outcome, even if that pursuit involves a trial. Click for more information.

DUI Charges

Driving under the influence (DUI) can have serious consequences. Whether you have been charged with an alcohol-related DUI or drug-related DUI, you need an attorney to represent you. You don't have the luxury to hire a novice lawyer. Hire someone who understands the current DUI laws and has the expertise to navigate these rough waters. My experience in DUI cases involves not only in-depth knowledge of the steps taken leading up to the arrest but also steps overlooked that violated the rights of my clients. Click for more information.

Traffic Violations

Many states use a points system for traffic violations to include Georgia. The points go on your driving record and stay for specified periods of time. The more points you accumulate, the more likely you are to lose your driver's license, and the higher risk you pose to your car insurance company. Hiring an experienced attorney can make the difference between points on your license resulting in an increase in insurance fees costing you hundreds of dollars more over life or saving those hundreds of dollars over life. Click for more information.

Drug Possession Charges

When it comes to drug charges, there are very technical defenses that need to be explored. The defenses and options of what can be done depend on numerous factors. It can depend on the type of drug that is in question, whether it be marijuana, cocaine or prescription medications. Whether it is an illegal traffic stop, illegal search or defective search warrant, I know the law and will explore any and every defense available. If necessary, I can also help you minimize the repercussions of a conviction. Let us explore if there are ways to keep this off of your record. Click for more information.